Priapism Treatment and Management for Erectile Dysfunction in Littleton, CO

If you experience an erection lasting longer than four hours, you may be suffering from priapism, and it is important to seek emergency medical care. Priapism occurs when your blood, blood vessels, smooth muscles, or nerves, change normal blood flow, causing an erection to persist. It can also be caused by prescription medicine, alcohol and drug use, and injury. Littleton Gynecology and Wellness offers expert priapism treatment. There are different types of priapism, and it takes a trained professional to figure out which one you are dealing with. Our experienced Littleton providers will consult with you to determine which course of action is safest for you.

Erectile Dysfunction Specialist in Littleton

Priapism is an unfortunate disorder that needs to be dealt with quickly and effectively by an erectile dysfunction specialist. At Littleton Gynecology and Wellness, we perform a thorough physical exam and review your medical history to figure out the cause of your condition. Rest assured that our experienced providers will work diligently and carefully to alleviate your symptoms in a timely manner.

Dependable Priapism Treatment

Priapism is an uncomfortable and even painful condition that may happen without sexual arousal and requires immediate medical attention. If you have sickle cell anemia, you are more likely to get priapism. The healthcare providers at Littleton Gynecology and Wellness are equipped to treat your condition. With over 20 years serving the Littleton area, we are experts in priapism management.

Ischemic Priapism Treatment in Littleton

Ischemic priapism, also known as low flow priapism, is the result of blood not being able to leave the penis. The signs of this common type of priapism include an erection lasting more than four hours, a rigid penile shaft, and progressive penile pain. The experts at Littleton Gynecology and Wellness are experienced and prepared to quickly reverse your condition.

Reliable Stuttering Priapism Treatment

Littleton Men affected by stuttering priapism will often experience almost daily prolonged and painful erections during sleep that last for about three hours. If you suffer from this rare condition, you are likely to also experience episodes of complete ischemic priapism. If you need stuttering priapism treatment, call Littleton Gynecology and Wellness, and we will alleviate any symptoms you are experiencing.

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