Cellulite Removal & Reduction Treatment: Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy in Wolhurst, CO

 Dimpled, irregular skin referred to as "cellulite" can prove annoying for sufferers who work hard to accomplish a slim, smooth body. Cellulite can be an extremely common cosmetic issue that, in the past, has been notoriously difficult to treat. Thanks to new nonsurgical extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT), our aestheticians can efficiently address the structural factors behind cellulite, providing reliable fat burning treatment for a smoother, firmer texture to epidermis affected by cellulite. When you’re ready for one of Wolhurst’s least invasive, most reliable cellulite treatments, get in touch with Littleton Gynecology and Wellness.

Cellulite Removal in Wolhurst

Cellulite forms when fibrous bands called “septa,” tighten irregularly, pulling down on your skin, and allowing the layer of fat beneath the skin to push upward. Our aestheticians and medical professional have access to state of the art cellulite removal equipment and procedures. Because of our affiliation with Littleton Adventist Medical center, we can develop solutions that are based on a health first approach, meaning we won’t compromise your long term health for short term gain. If you’re considering cellulite removal, trust Littleton Gynecology and Wellness.

Cellulite Reduction Treatment in Wolhurst

The fact of the matter is that no cellulite reduction treatment lasts forever. However, our ESWT results can endure for up to a year on some of our clients. This means fewer trips to the clinic, much less downtime, and overall a better look. When you chose Littleton Gynecology and Wellness, we’ll collaborate with you to build up a cellulite decrease treatment that fits your lifestyle, beauty goals, and financial needs. Due to our comprehensive understanding and holistic approach to wellness, we’re confident we can help you to achieve the look and feel you’ve always wanted.

Wolhurst’s ESWT Cellulite Reduction Experts

Medical and clinical research has verified that Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy, or ESWT cellulite reduction, has been shown to reduce and improve the appearance of cellulite. The energetic, acoustic waves create vibrations that positively impact the underlying connective cells, cells, and ultimately, the skin itself, as microtears in connective tissue break down fatty cells and promote collagen development. Because of this, the treatments boast a success rate of as high as 75% for reducing the looks of cellulite in affected areas. Call to schedule an initial consultation or learn more about ESWT cellulite decrease today!

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