Perineoplasty Surgery & Procedures in Wolhurst, CO

Seeking a doctor with extensive experience in perineoplasty surgery is extremely important when it comes to repairing vaginal or anal tears for Wolhurst patients. Regardless of what caused the tear, we can determine what needs to be done to ensure recovery. Our own Dr. Dorr at Littleton Gynecology and Wellness has certification from the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Female Pelvic Floor Reconstruction Medical procedures, making him a capable provider of perineoplasty surgery treatment. Call our office in Littleton for more information.

Perineoplasty Surgery for Wolhurst Area Patients

Perineoplasty procedures can be needed for several reasons. Whether you experienced tearing during childbirth, from accidental damage, or because of another reason, Littleton Gynecology and Wellness strives to help repair the vaginal opening and anus. We use thorough plastic surgery techniques to minimize scarring that could impede your recovery and speed up your healing process. Our mission is to provide complete care to make sure your urogynecology wellness is taken care of.

Littleton Area Perineoplasty Procedure Provider

Corrective gynecology surgery is the preferred option for restoring your body following vaginal or anal tearing. The significance of the tearing can be measured by degrees, with the fourth being the most severe, but we believe that no matter what, it should be addressed to ensure you don’t have to live with the condition any longer than you must. Thanks to Dr. Dorr’s experience and training in perineoplasty surgery, we can provide safe and effective care to our Wolhurst patients at Littleton Gynecology and Wellness.

Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery Provider in Wolhurst

At Littleton Gynecology and Wellness, our objective is to provide comprehensive, holistic urogynecology care to any Wolhurst patient needing our expertise. While many individuals seek perineoplasty methods out of medical necessity, we also provide cosmetic procedures. In our Littleton office, we will be able to discuss your alternatives regarding these procedures and help you weigh the dangers and advantages of pursuing a cosmetic gynecology operation so that you can make an informed decision about your health and your needs.

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At Littleton Gynecology and Wellness, we have been Wolhurst, CO’s first choice for women’s healthcare for more than two decades. We are dedicated and caring professionals who are committed to helping you with all your gynecological needs. From teen health through menopause and beyond, our experienced healthcare providers are committed to helping our patients achieve their most coveted health and wellness goals. Call our office today for safe and dependable health services.

“The superior doctor prevents sickness; The mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness; The inferior doctor treats actual sickness.” – Chinese Proverb